Organic Magnesium Chia de Gracia

Magnesium tilskudd for nervøse og sensitive hester.

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CdGMAGNESIUM is a supplementary feed to ensure the horse's sufficient intake of magnesium.

CdGMAGNESIUM contains chelated organic magnesium, which is in a natural and efficiently absorbed form. The horse needs magnesium every day, as it is not stored in the body. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It supports the functioning of the nervous system, muscles, heart and blood vessels. Magnesium is important for muscle functions - it helps muscles to recover from stress and training. If the horse suffers from magnesium deficiency, the muscles are unable to relax after exercise and this may cause e.g. muscle cramps. Magnesium optimizes the acid balance of the muscles, so it also affects the horse's performance.

 The body uses magnesium in the exchange of proteins, the functions of nerve cells and the building of bones. The need for magnesium is influenced by, among other things, the age of the horse, the amount of physical exertion, pregnancy and the quality of the feed. A young horse needs magnesium more than an adult as its bones develop up to the age of three years. During the last months of a horse's pregnancy, the fetus's need for magnesium increases. The need for magnesium increases during heavy exertion. Magnesium is recommended for horses that are under heavy training, or that suffer from insulin resistance, muscle tension or cramps, nervousness, and horses that sweat a lot. Tension and hard training can increase muscle strain. In addition, stress depletes the body's magnesium reserves faster than usual, and therefore a magnesium supplement is often recommended for nervous horses. Also in connection with diarrhea, it is recommended to give additional magnesium to replace the lost minerals.


Horse 500 kg:

as needed, depending on the magnesium content of other feeds.

 * 1 measure approx. 14 g, contains magnesium approx. 4200 mg

.* With one scoop dose, the product lasts 54 days. 

15 ml measure = 14 g = 4200 mg magnesium. 

The dosage should take into account the amount of magnesium obtained from other feed. 

The daily magnesium requirement of a 500 kg horse from feed: 

at rest: 8 g 

light work: 10 g 

moderate work: 12 g 

rough work: 15 g 

If necessary (especially sporthorses), the product can be combined with brewer's yeast, which contains important B vitamins, e.g. to support muscle function and energy metabolism, as well as vitamin E and selenium, which are important antioxidants and nutrients that support recovery.

Magnesium is recommended to be used as needed or, for example, before competitions and transport. 

CdGMAGNESIUM offers better bioavailability than inorganic minerals. The chelated, i.e. organic form bound to amino acids, guarantees good absorption, thanks to which a smaller amount is sufficient. Stomach-friendly magnesium supplement with high bioavailability. 

Composition: 100% organic magnesium chelate Magnesium content 300 g / kg.

Package size: 750 g

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